Some thoughts on Evan McMullin

Our family is all-in for Evan McMullin. In fact, I’m the Fort Worth Regional Volunteer Coordinator for the grassroots campaign. I have never been politically active. I’ve voted in every major election and am embarrassed to admit that I’ve probably skipped some of the smaller ones even though those are just as important. But I never got involved, until now. This election has been different. As of a few weeks ago, I was very conflicted. I knew that I could not vote for Clinton or Trump for a myriad of reasons. But I also could not vote for Johnson for his own special set of reasons. Yet, I could not abstain from voting. We live in a country with the right, privilege and blessing of being able to make our voices heard through voting. How could I throw that away by not voting? But none of the candidates deserved my vote, nor had they earned it. When I heard about McMullin I was immediately impressed by him and his campaign. I’m not voting for him because he’s LDS. I’m not voting for him because he’s not Trump or Clinton. I’m voting for him because he actually addresses the principles that he stands for. And they are the same principles that I believe in.

Today I had the opportunity to greet people as they went into a polling place for early voting. I talked to them about Evan McMullin. Many were happy to learn that they had another choice. One girl was heading in to vote for Johnson and changed her vote to McMullin when she learned that he is pro-life (and truly pro-life, not just saying it for the election). There is a great diversity of people here in Texas and it was refreshing to offer them a candidate who is not racist or sexist, who is not threatening to ban their people or build a wall or deport them. As we told people, “Here is a better choice,” their faces lit up. This election cycle has been vicious. I believe it has demoralized our country. It has divided people bitterly. The way they have behaved during this election has affected the moral fiber of our country. I’m hopeful that unity, respect, and civility can return to our political dialogue and to our culture. However, I fear that Clinton and Trump have already done too much damage. Working on this campaign has been such a positive experience. The McMullin supporters are so enthusiastic, encouraging and uplifting. This is the spirit that I want to bring back to our country.

I am not afraid to admit that his winning is a long-shot. A really slim to none chance long shot. But I’d rather vote for someone I believe in who is a long-shot, than vote for someone that is repugnant to me. Some might say that’s a wasted vote, but I believe my vote would be wasted on Clinton or Trump. If we keep voting for people like Clinton and Trump, we will keep getting people like Clinton and Trump.

I have a lot more to say on this, but I fear that I’m already being too long-winded. Please forgive my lack of brevity.

Ok- enough of why I’m voting for McMullin. On to the question of how it will work with denying electoral votes from Trump and if that will land Clinton in the White House.

From what I’ve seen from the various people that I have communicated with and the McMullin groups that I participate in, McMullin has support from all parts of the political spectrum. There are many people who were not willing to vote for Trump or Clinton and were either not going to vote at all or were going to vote for Johnson and are now voting for McMullin. I have a friend who sent me a message stating that she has many friends who are staunch democrats that will now be voting for McMullin. And there are likely a number of people who were planning to hold their noses while they voted for Trump, but now feel they have a better option in McMullin.

Clinton needs to earn 270 electoral votes to win. If Utah votes Trump or McMullin, it doesn’t make her electoral count go up or down.

I don’t feel very eloquent in explaining these things so I found a few graphics and video that I hope are helpful.

Here’s the video link:

I’ll post the graphics at the end of this post.

If you made it to the end, you deserve a medal 🙂

By the end of this election, we all deserve medals and some well-earned time off from politics. I respect you all and respect your choice to vote however you choose.

Much love!










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Free(ish) Food Storage

I just took an online tour of eFood Global. For $9.95, they’re sending me 12 servings of their food. I figure that’s not too bad- I’ll toss the samples in our 72-hour kits. Or one night when I don’t feel like cooking dinner, I’ll use the samples.

Check it out yourself:

-This Is Getting Good

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This Is Getting Good

Life is teaching me so much. It truly is getting good. I want to share what I’m learning. I hope you’ll join me on my journey.

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